Thursday, October 20, 2011

By Request-Work Force Management

There have been several people who have reached out to me asking for me to share my thoughts as a "Person from the younger generation" when it comes to Work Force Management.  I'll do my best, but I think this will have to be spread over three or four blogs so expect this one to be short. 

I currently manage a team of five WFM analysts and in the past have managed up to twelve over four different states.  The goal of my team has, and ALWAYS will be Out of the box thinking.   I try and set the standard where ever I go that its not what you know now, its how you can predict, react and take action..  In fact I believe in this process so much that they are told of one mathematical formula their first day and told to live by it.  E+R=O or Event+Response=Outcome.  No matter what you are doing, or how you view WFM this formula should be applied to everything you do.

What is Work Force Management?  

If you ask any WFM Manager of any tenure they will rattle off the same thing, Staffing, Forecasting, Scheduling and Real Time Adherence.  Some might even go into vast detail(like me).  Work force management is the overall process of balancing workload with staff.  This means predicting the total work that you need to have done and plan to have the right amount of staff at hand to complete the work.  This is done in several different ways from extremely expensive software tools down to a simple pen and paper.  Yes, I have met someone who factored required staffing hours on a day to day basis using this method(I called her crazy).  
The general idea behind WFM support is to not only get the requirements right, but to make sure you can do it as efficiently as possible.   True WFM support will know that overstaffing costs the company more money then it should and impacts the bottom line, while understanding degrades customer satisfaction ratings and could cost you the business in the long run leaving you with no bottom line.  
WFM support doesn't end once your staffing is planned.  One of the most influential WFM directors DRILLED this into me: Plan the Plan and Work the Plan.  All plans are great on paper, they look pretty and make those cool looking graphs and make the operations team go ohhhhh and ahhhhhh.  However, the real showing of a good WFM support team and manager are shown at go time(The first call, opening bell, etc). Adjustments to your plan need to be made on a real time basis. WFM support monitors real time shrink while holding to your original plan as closely as possible. 

For those of you who are not in the call center world, I'll sum it up in one sentence.  Out of the box thinking! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Empire Avenue changes – what now? | Domino Oracle blog

Empire Avenue changes – what now? | Domino Oracle blog

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Changing Times, or just history repeating?

(written on iPhone then published please forgive me)

This week has come and gone and I still think its Monday (thank goodness its not).  Between my job, my home life, little Jordan and the dogs I have about 50 new gray hairs at the ripe old age of 26.  But enough with me, lets see what was in the news this week and as always, let me share my views.

Occupy Wall Street. 
What would the world be like if it wasn't for free speech?  Well for one, I wouldn't be able to be doing this right now, and you wouldn't be able to read my blog(or anyone's blog for that matter).  This movement has been in the news all week, and its SPREADING.  At the time of me writing this it has now moved to a true global movement.  It even impacts my own area with a brand new Facebook page.

I'm going to break my thoughts out in two parts for this, the first being what I think of the Lakeland group, and the second what I think about for the global group.

The Lakeland group as a whole is growing based on solid leadership and control(unlike some of the other groups around the world). They were able to show up, a lot of the people were on the same page and even better they were not the "hipster" types that I thought they were going to be.  This changed my views on the Lakeland population dramatically today; from simple minded people, most of whom wish to live off the government in some way shape or form to a newly shaped general idea of intelligent people who have been force to grow up in a society that just doesn't care.  The largest foundation of their ideas seemed to come from the local leader and the greatest part is they all seemed to have stuck!  If you are local to the area, please feel free to swing on by and share with the group, join in their efforts and be able to create your own little change in the world.  If your the local who wishes to show up with pitch forks and fire stay home, your stupidity won't be needed here(and yes, the two guys who need to read this, this was JUST for you :))

Now on to my thoughts of the remainder of the groups in the 99% movement.

I believe that most of the individuals out there are just like the local group in Lakeland.  Smart, fed up, and wanting change.  From the numerous blogs I have read, the updates on FB, twitter postings etc they all wish for change. The challenge that I have with the 99% group is the groups still don't have a true "voice".  There is no real end game in mind and no "standing voice in the crowd" yet.

(toll line here, don't worry I got ya).

Thanks to CNN.Com for the use of the below quote.

"The members of Occupy Wall Street may be as unwieldy, paradoxical, and inconsistent as those of us living in the real world.  But that is precisely why their new approach to protest is more applicable, sustainable and actionable than what passes for politics today."

Yes, this new style might work, but until someone gets the "important" people involved nothing is really going to matter. We need that one voice up top.

My Dad asked me a question last night, his question was: " So Cris, you seem to be very interested in the 99% movement, why? What do they hold that you believe in?"

I don't believe in everything the 99% movement brings to the table, but I do believe in most of it. I told my father that if I had to be part of a group, I would better be aligned with the 53%. This threw my father into a spiral I think. "How many damn groups are out there".

The easy answer to my father my shock some of you. The reason I back 53% is because they don't want something they didn't earn. The one major issue I have with the 99% is there is NO way to truly tax the 1% based on some of their ideas. I spoke to a Jeremy today who said he only wanted companies to pay extra if they were part of the bail out and are now turning a profit. When I asked him how in the world this could be done, his response was I don't know, thats up to the Government to figure out.  

Please share your thoughts in the comments.  What group are you part of and why? 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Is social networking changing the world?

Over the last few days I have learned of a new way to impact people via social networking that I have never seen.  I wanted to take some time(and space) in my little corner of the world to share my views on how social networking can and IS changing the world we live in today. 

Lets start off with my favorite game out there right now: Empire Avenue! 

Empire Avenue isn't just a game for social networking, it itself is a social network that allow individuals and companies from around the world "invest" in each other.  The idea of the game is simple really, you use social networking on a day to day basis and the game allows user see how active you really are and place investments in you in return for them to benefit from your day to day activities via your dividends.   While it seems very simple, there have been several people who I have invested in who really know how to play the game, and even more who have made it one of their primary sources of ranking their interactions (much like Klout).  

So why would I put changing the world in the title?  Eye catching yes, but even more just to show some truth about the topic.  Because of Empire Avenue and the connections I have made I was introduce to a website called Kiva.  (shameless plug coming)

This website allows people from all over the world to be a sort of "mini" bank or microfinance institution.

This allows everyone who is part of the website to help drive out poverty across the world.  Now to introduce you the best investment I have made this week. 

Carlos is a farmer that grows several crops including corn and rice.  The reason he has requested a loan is for support in planing his crops and the ability to buy farming supplies and important fertilizers for his crops. I was one of the 23 people who gave a loan to Carlos!

(Insert troll line here)
But whats in it for me? 
Its simple really, you get to help man kind out and in return you get your money back in hopes to drive a new loan or help the Kiva team reach out to others!  While no, you don't make money and no you won't get rich with this investment for me it has gone far beyond that with the ability to network with all the great people on the Empire Avenue site and the Kiva team.  

Please take some time out of your day for these sites and share your thoughts!(you could always stop by and invest if you want (e)kuehlcr

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Time flies when your having fun


Today is the last day for my parents to be here.  While they enjoyed their time spent in Florida I am sure they are ready to get back to their "life" back in Colorado.  I personally could stay on vacation for the rest of my life and not have a bad word to say about it! 

Topics in the news from today.

My fellow "change the world" type people are out standing up for what they believe in.  I am kind of at a stand still right now as I belive in what 99% of them are saying but I differ in some spots.  While I believe the top 1% should pay higher taxes, we need to look long and hard as to why they are in the top 1%.  Simple facts stated that when Steve Jobs died(very sad day) that a lot of people stopped what they were doing and remembered that he was part of the 1% group.  He changed the world, and in my mind earned every penny of his worth.
The other 50% of that 1% group however came into the money via horrible business practices or simple speculation that curved the market into its current downward spiral.  While I am not the type to say a "fire sale" is needed, I would be the type of person to say bring back regulation on those spectators and help spread the wealth.
This to me is a very sad day in US history. 

One half speaks great things for those who came to america, and want to live the american dream... the RIGHT way.  The other half that has me botherd is the quote about mid page.

"The other half of the California Dream Act was signed into law by Brown in July and allows undocumented immigrant students to receive privately funded scholarships administered at public universities and community colleges."(This was taken directly from the artical)

This bothers me to see that we are offering more hand outs that can teach them and allow them to get the training that is needed for the other 50% of americans that can't get to it.  The fact that we talk about not wanting racism in this country and then passing these types of laws bugs me. 

These are my thoughts for this morning, again I thank anyone who subscribes to my blog and shares my ideas.  If you don't share my ideas, thats fine with me that why I live in the good ol US of A :).

Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Blog :)

I am starting this blog as part of a project to help share my memories/life stories online for my daughter to look back on someday and feel that her dad made some sort of mark on this big world. This blog won't really have a theme per say as it will be a general blog about the life and times of the Kuehl family.